Junior Martial Arts

The Junior Martial Arts Yusool program has been designed to introduce your child to physical activity starting as young as 5 years old via the use of games and challenges involving team work. This encouraging children to help one another.

These classes will improve a child’s regime, balance, concentration and social skills as well as instilling discipline and respect. These are all important life lessons which lead into successful adulthood.

Class Times

MooSool Juniors Mondays 17:00-17:45

MooSool Juniors Wednesdays 17:00-17:45



£35 One off registration
£35 reneable yearly insurance


Term Dates/Fees

Fees paid on a half termly basis at a cost of £7 per class


Club clothing

We supply a number of club t-shirts, hoodies as well as club uniforms, Juniors are only required to wear club t-shirt and bottoms.


Student Info

How to tie your belt, terminology and more.